Invitation | S371 Biobin Data Sciences invites you to participate in the 4th China North Seed Industry Expo!


Deeply cultivate the agricultural core, and work together for the future. In response to the call of the country to build a "China core" of seed industry, and to promote the joint construction of the "Northern Seed City", Phoenix Expo was officially upgraded to the "China Northern Seed Expo" on the basis of successfully holding three sessions of China Shandong International Vegetable Seed Expo, focusing on new varieties and new technologies such as field, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, horticulture, balcony agriculture, and combining cloud seed industry, cloud plant protection, cloud agricultural science platform, Build online and offline promotion and trading dual platforms for seed breeding. The 2022 Northern Species Expo will be linked with the 29th Shandong Double Trade Fair for Plant Protection, China Shandong International New Fertilizer Exhibition, and China (Shandong) New Agricultural Equipment Exhibition!

Accelerate the application of artificial intelligence and lead the precision breeding BIOBIN


On October 13, the agricultural industry observed and planned a series of future agricultural activities. This activity focused on the theme of "the core future, the road to commercialization of biological breeding". It was hoped that through the interpretation and sharing of the breeding innovation layout of breeding companies and agricultural science and technology companies, new trends, industrialization and commercialization of biological breeding, the new picture, new business and new models of biological breeding would be revealed, and the possibility of future seed industry would be jointly looked forward to. Wu Xin, chief technology officer of Biocloud, participated in this activity and shared the theme of "accelerating the application of artificial intelligence and leading precision breeding". The following is a summary of the essence of the speech.

Personal version is free of review! Free to use! The updated content of Bai'ao eCollection v1.5.5 was released


As a mobile data acquisition program for field or laboratory data and image information collection, viewing and downloading under Bioyun, Biotech E Collection focuses on the actual process of new variety breeding and takes character data collection as the core. At present, there are three versions: applet, APP personal version and APP enterprise version. At present, most domestic breeders still use paper and pen to record field data. BAO E-Choose Personal Edition adopts the mode of [audit free+free use] to help breeders quickly summarize field phenotypic data, avoid secondary data sorting and entry, and improve work efficiency! The personal version of BAO E-Collection also has the functions of creating and sharing collection tasks at any time, connecting data with WeChat applet, offline collection of data, downloading of data, etc. Open the mobile phone to collect, and upload and download data at any time. No PC terminal setting is required, and the breeding system is independent.

Notice | BAOE's APP optimization notice


To all users of Biotech Since Baiao E-Collection was launched Widely favored by breeders and researchers Including students It is widely used and highly praised! meanwhile We are also constantly improving and optimizing Be the best assistant in your field or laboratory! The main contents of this Bai'ao e-procurement update and optimization are as follows:

New product | PopGenomics


Agricultural genome research and genome breeding have entered the era of population genome and pan genome. The number of samples included in genome research and breeding projects, such as corn, rice, soybeans, rape and so on, has reached the order of hundreds or even thousands. How to quickly obtain genome variation from sequencing data is the bottleneck of genome research and breeding. The PopGenomics product of BIO Cloud is a solution for the era of group genome and pan genome.

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