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The main contents of this Bai'ao e-procurement update and optimization are as follows:



1. [Optimization] The account system of Biotech e-Procurement is more perfect, and the personal version supports the login of mobile phone accounts and WeChat accounts to bind each other!




2. [Add] The new home page of Biotech eCollection Personal Edition adds a new test collection mode. After the basic test information is imported on the website, the test data collection can be more convenient by collecting task related tests!




3. [Optimization] BAO E-Collection Personal Edition, optimize the functional layout of the character collection page, and divide the community information and collection operation modules; The plot information can be switched to field layout display for quick positioning; The operation in the collection operation area is faster and more convenient!




4. [Optimization] The data viewing function layout of Biotech's personal edition is optimized, and the data sorting and display operations are simpler.




5. [Optimization] BAO E-Choose Enterprise Edition, the field test increased the display box of parent and parent, and increased the folding display box of parent.




6. [Optimize] Data table downloading defaults to downloading complete data and adding parent source display.




7. [Optimization] Fix known problems and optimize the experience.
The above is the main content of the update and optimization of Biotech. Welcome to download and use it. Biotech will also continue to improve and optimize, making breeding easier!



Bai'ao E-Cai

As a mobile terminal data acquisition program for field or laboratory data and image information collection, viewing and downloading under BIO Cloud, it has the characteristics of wide application scope, simple operation, flexible acquisition mode, convenient for multi person cooperation, and supporting real-time data inspection and summary. Open the program to collect, and upload and download data at any time. It does not need PC segment setting and does not depend on breeding system.



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Breeding column | 7 - Targeted sequencing of genotyping

Targeted sequencing is a method to isolate, enrich and sequence a group of target genes or genome regions. This method enables researchers to focus time, cost and data analysis on specific regions of interest (target regions, genes), and use less data to obtain higher sensitivity and accuracy, so as to achieve rapid screening of mutation sites. These target regions usually include exome (the protein coding part of the genome), specific genes of interest (customized content), and target regions in genes or mitochondrial DNA.



Breeding column | 6-New genotyping technology: FBI seq

FBI seq (Foreground and Background Integrated genotyping by sequencing) is not sequencing by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, but genotyping sequencing integrating foreground and background. As the name implies, this technology realizes the detection and selection of foreground genes and genetic background at the same time. The selection of foreground and background is two very important steps in molecular breeding. At present, breeders often need to carry out these two steps independently: first, screen foreground target sites, and then develop a large number of probes/bait/PCR primers to detect background genotypes. These time-consuming and costly preparations greatly delay the start of breeding projects.



Invitation | S371 Biobin Data Sciences invites you to participate in the 4th China North Seed Industry Expo!

Deeply cultivate the agricultural core, and work together for the future. In response to the call of the country to build a "China core" of seed industry, and to promote the joint construction of the "Northern Seed City", Phoenix Expo was officially upgraded to the "China Northern Seed Expo" on the basis of successfully holding three sessions of China Shandong International Vegetable Seed Expo, focusing on new varieties and new technologies such as field, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, horticulture, balcony agriculture, and combining cloud seed industry, cloud plant protection, cloud agricultural science platform, Build online and offline promotion and trading dual platforms for seed breeding. The 2022 Northern Species Expo will be linked with the 29th Shandong Double Trade Fair for Plant Protection, China Shandong International New Fertilizer Exhibition, and China (Shandong) New Agricultural Equipment Exhibition!



Special Column on Breeding | 5 - Low Depth Resequencing of Genotyping

The genotype detected by the method of high depth re sequencing is undoubtedly the most comprehensive, but at present, the cost of application in animal and plant breeding is too high, especially for those species with complex and huge genomes. As mentioned in the previous issue, researchers usually use a unique library construction method to carry out simplified genome sequencing (RAD seq), thereby reducing the cost of genotyping. However, the amount of simplified genome data is generally only 1~10% of the total genome, and a lot of information is still lost. Pool sequencing is also an effective way to reduce the cost of population research, but it cannot analyze individuals, which has little effect on animal and plant breeding.



Accelerate the application of artificial intelligence and lead the precision breeding BIOBIN

On October 13, the agricultural industry observed and planned a series of future agricultural activities. This activity focused on the theme of "the core future, the road to commercialization of biological breeding". It was hoped that through the interpretation and sharing of the breeding innovation layout of breeding companies and agricultural science and technology companies, new trends, industrialization and commercialization of biological breeding, the new picture, new business and new models of biological breeding would be revealed, and the possibility of future seed industry would be jointly looked forward to. Wu Xin, chief technology officer of Biocloud, participated in this activity and shared the theme of "accelerating the application of artificial intelligence and leading precision breeding". The following is a summary of the essence of the speech.



Special Column on Breeding | Solid Phase Chip for 4-Genotyping

The layman who hears "gene chip" for the first time can easily connect it with the electronic chip of industrial integrated circuit. In fact, except that they all use micro technology to make the appearance more similar, they have nothing to do with each other and are purely porcelain. Gene chip, also known as DNA chip, biochip or DNA microarray, is based on the principle of specific interaction between molecules, integrating discontinuous analysis processes on the surface of solid phase chips such as silicon or glass, to achieve accurate, rapid and large detection of cells, proteins, genes and other biological components. According to specific scientific research and application contents, gene chips can be subdivided into microarray comparative genomic hybridization (a-CGH) chips, microRNA chips, SNP chips, expression profile chips, DNA methylation chips and chromatin immunoprecipitation chips.