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Biobin Data Sciences is a new agricultural high-tech enterprise founded by high-level overseas professionals. The founder has rich experience in research, development and management in the field of bioinformatics and plant breeding. The team's professional skills cover various fields including bioinformatics, statistical analysis, data management, software development, genetic breeding, molecular biology, machine learning and image recognition,forming a new force united by agricultural, biological and IT experts.

BioBin and Saile Gene have reached a strategic partnership in the agricultural field to jointly provide rapid, accurate and efficient services for agricultural genome research and breeding customers.

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MGISEQ2000 sequencer and human gold standard GIAB sample data were used to benchmark GPU accelerated genomic variation detection. The benchmark test results show that, compared with the mainstream standard GATK, the scheme based on GPU performs better in producing SNP results and consistent in INDEL results, which fully proves the accuracy of the scheme based on GPU acceleration.


Genome testing of agricultural animals and plants


In benchmark tests including multiple animal and plant genomes, the highest rate of gene variation detection is more than 300 times faster