The Alliance aims to gather germplasm resources from various sources and cultivate excellent rice varieties with intelligent breeding technology

Brief Introduction

At present, the development of breeding technology is divided into four levels, including experience selection breeding (breeding 1.0), cross breeding/heterosis utilization (breeding 2.0), bioengineering/molecular breeding (breeding 3.0) and intelligent design breeding (breeding 4.0, proposed by Ed Buckler, academician of the American Academy of Sciences "Breeding 4.0").

The international first-class seed industry is in the 3.0-4.0 stage of breeding, while China's breeding technology is in the 2.0 stage overall, that is, it is still in the stage of using heterosis experience for breeding. Most seed enterprises (especially SMEs) in China have the following industrial pain points:

1. The ability of independent innovation is insufficient;
2. The research content in the R&D organization is repeated and not deep enough;
3. Narrow genetic diversity and long breeding cycle;
4. There is a lack of data simulation analysis and machine learning research cases in breeding research and seed sales innovation.

Changsha BioBin Data Technology Co., Ltd. took the lead in establishing the rice intelligent breeding alliance in Changsha on October 27, 2021 in response to the industrial pain points above. Integrating the technical advantages, material advantages and test location advantages of all units of the Alliance, making use of the information technology advantages of big data enterprises, adhering to the principle of "resource sharing, complementary advantages, benefit sharing and risk sharing", the Allicance aims to promote the process of rice intelligent breeding 4.0, and establish a standard system for genotype and phenotype data management that conforms to the actual situation of rice breeding in China, and provide training population and prediction model for genome selection breeding applicable to alliance members, as a public platform resource to provide breeding decision-making services for alliance members, to produce better seeds for better commercilization. 

Membership Interests


Free use of BioBin intelligent breeding platform software


Free material testing or reduce testing cost


Material exchange


Free field data collection with Bio E-Cai


Benefit sharing after successful breeding


Free access to industry consulting and learning materials


High-end salon sharing

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