Wang Bingbing


He graduated from Iowa State University in 2005 with a doctorate in genetics. He once worked in the University of Minnesota to engage in post doctoral research, and was the bio information R&D manager of DuPont Pioneer.In 2013, after working in DuPont Pioneer's US headquarters for 6 years, overseas returnees returned home to join the Keto Dean Biotechnology Research and Development Center, served as the head of Wuhan Branch and the director of rape research and development, and established a high-level rape breeding research and development team.In 2014, he joined Huazhi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as a member of the core team and served as the chief information officer and director of the bio information platform. A bio information team with international competitiveness has been established, leading members to develop a breeding software with full independent intellectual property rights - Huazhi Breeding Housekeeper, which provides a professional tool for Chinese breeders to collect information and analyze data in the field.In 2018, he founded Changsha Biocloud Data Technology Co., Ltd., and now serves as the general manager of Biocloud. He is also an adjunct professor of the National 2011 Grain and Oil Coordination Center of Hunan Agricultural University.At present, Dr. Wang Bingbing's main research direction is bio information and seed industry big data management and mining. It has carried out in-depth research on assembly annotation, selective splicing, breeding informatization, etc. of plant genome. Nearly 20 high-level academic papers have been published in Nature, P.N.A.S., Plant Cell, Genome Biology and other world-class magazines. 12 national and international invention patents were applied for or approved, and 16 software copyrights were approved. It is committed to applying machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technologies to conduct in-depth mining of plant breeding data to achieve the leap and upgrade of traditional breeding. He has been invited to deliver research results in large international academic conferences and well-known universities for many times.

Wu Xin


Chief Technology Officer A graduated from Peking University in 2000 with a bachelor's degree in biology. From 2000 to 2005, he received a doctoral degree in bioinformatics from Peking University. In its nearly 20 years of research, the work covers the second generation sequencing NGS and the third generation sequencing technology, as well as the applications of cloud computing, automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence in agricultural genome breeding, agricultural microorganisms, human genetic diseases and microbial pathogens. Dr. Wu Xin has worked in Monsanto's China R&D Center and US headquarters for nearly ten years, and is responsible for the research and development of genome large-scale computing platform based on sequencing and cloud computing, and decision system based on artificial intelligence and rules. In 2019, he returned to China and served as the CTO of the first Beijing Hope Group Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focusing on the application of third-generation sequencing technology, responsible for the application and research and development of third-generation sequencing technology, especially the ONT platform of Oxford Nanopore in the field of human disease diagnosis.


Wang Aiqing

Vice President

MBA of Southwest Jiaotong University, senior sales and management expert, 20+sales experience


Xie Zhichun

IT Director

Bachelor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, 10+years of software development and management experience, software development in automobile/agricultural industry


Zhou Huan

Operation Director

Master of Huazhong Agricultural University, 6+years of agricultural software technical support and demand analysis


Zhou Bin

Product Director

Master of Shihezi University, with 10+years of experience in laboratory R&D and management, molecular breeding, transgenic, breeding software design, etc


Peng Jianxiang

Bioinformatics Scientist

Master of China Agricultural University, intermediate engineer of biological information of Chinese Academy of Sciences, lecturer of BGI College. Published 6 papers, applied for 5 patents, 4 software copyrights and 2 new crop varieties