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With the vigorous development of artificial intelligence, big data, gene editing, phenotypeomics, Internet of Things and other technologies, modern agriculture has entered the era of digital agriculture and is striving to step on the fast train of intelligent agriculture.
In the era of digital agriculture, multi-dimensional information acquisition and analysis of crop data, precise genotype and phenotype identification, establishment of seed industry database, big data analysis, model prediction, etc. will add wings to accelerate the transformation from "experience breeding" to "precision breeding", help accelerate the realization of customized design breeding, and accelerate the arrival of the era of intelligent agriculture.
In order to help people understand the cutting-edge technologies such as intellectual property protection, breeding research and development services, germplasm resource trusteeship, genotyping, gene editing, phenotypeomics, artificial intelligence and breeding big data, and also provide more opportunities for peers to communicate with each other, new forces such as BioCloud, Borati, Smart Seed Network and Huinoread adhere to the principles of resource integration, platform sharing, gathering wisdom, and innovation leadership, The public welfare online academic exchange platform - Baibo Wisdom Lecture Hall jointly organized was officially launched on March 5, 2020. Invite experts and teachers with rich experience in the industry to conduct online communication, jointly discuss the development ideas of seed industry under the new situation, and jointly "break the ice".
The name of Baibo Wisdom Lecture Hall is a combination of the initials of the names of four companies: Baiaoyun, Boridi, Zhizao and Huinoride.
Bai -- BioBin is committed to providing seed companies and breeding research institutions with high-quality breeding software, hardware and data analysis services, and applying artificial intelligence and big data technology to improve breeding efficiency.
MolBreeding is an innovative enterprise focusing on the development and application of animal and plant molecular detection and breeding related technologies, and is committed to providing high-throughput and low-cost accurate genotyping services.
Wisdom - NovoSeed is specialized in building the first platform for communication of corn R&D products (inbred lines, etc.), and boosting the rapid improvement and development of corn R&D field!
Hui-PhenoTrait focuses on the pain points of agricultural research and provides customized programs and services for researchers and breeders based on plant phenotype related technologies.

Since its establishment on March 5, 2020, the Baibo Wisdom Lecture Hall has been kept alive and developing vigorously. As of March 23, 2022, we have created 18 live broadcast groups of 500 people, organized 166 reports from China, the United States, Germany, France, Australia and Japan, and had 9.75w visitors to the live broadcast room of the lecture hall, with 245w visits. Lecture report arrangement, joint organization and application,

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