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The 161st Notice of AgriX Forum | Big Data Breeding Reform in the Post genomic Era


2022-08-16 16:20

      In the last Baibo Wisdom Lecture Hall, Qu Mingnan, a researcher from Yazhou Bay Seed Laboratory in Hainan Province, was invited to share the content of "Building and Application of High Light Efficiency Digital Crop Phenotype Platform". The lecture was very exciting, and you are welcome to watch the replay.

      This is the 161st issue of Baibo Wisdom Lecture Hall (August 18). Researcher Xia Zhiqiang, Vice Dean of Tropical Crops College of Hainan University, was invited to share the content of "big data breeding reform in the post genomic era". Welcome to this lecture!

keynote speaker

Vice President of Tropical Crops College of Hainan University——Researcher Xia Zhiqiang

The 161st Lecture

Xia Zhiqiang

      Xia Zhiqiang, a researcher, doctoral supervisor, a visiting scholar at the University of California, Davis, USA, a young celebrity in the South China Sea of Hainan Province, and a vice president of the Tropical Crops College of Hainan University. Develop a multi-dimensional omics platform to provide big data analysis systems such as complex genomes and methylation at the chromosome level. The first fine genome map of cassava, passion fruit, acorn, canna taro and canna was published. It has originally developed two generations of ultra low-cost genotyping technology Hyper seq and epigenetic analysis technology AFSM, which have been successfully used in the research of more than 10000 samples of about 50 species, and has won 4 national invention patents and 3 international invention patents. He has published influential academic papers in SCI journals such as The Innovation, Plant Biotechnology Journal, Nuclear Acids Research, Horticulture Research, Molecular Ecology Resources, Biotechnol Biofuels, Nature Communications, etc., including 26 first authors or correspondents. The cumulative impact factor exceeds 150. Perennial reviewers of Horticulture Research, Biotechnol Biofuels and other journals, and deputy chief editor of Tropical Plants. Served as the special director of two national key R&D projects, presided over and participated in more than 10 scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Key Fund, the 973 Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the national cassava industry system.

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