Germplasm resource


Germplasm resources are the material base of modern seed industry. Nowdays, germplasm resources face the challenges of diverse information types, large data, complex structure and inconsistent standards,, however, traditional information management methods are difficult to effectively manage the growing germplasm resources. It took BioBin team one year to design and develop a professional germplasm resource management system after in-depth and detailed research. After multiple rounds of testing and optimization, the system is constantly perfecting, and is committed to becoming an efficient information management & sharing platform in the hands of seed companies and scientific research institutions!

Brief Introduction

Germplasm resource management system V1.0 includes three subsystems: germplasm resource management, resource sharing and utilization website and mobile phone APP. Combining phenotype data system, genotype data system and user management system, it forms a "germplasm resource information sharing service system". Subsystems can be integrated with each other, data can be circulated with each other, and can be used and controlled independently according to user permissions.


  • Security
  • Paperless
  • Openness
  • Standardization
  • Visualization
  • Traceability