At present, Pioneer, Syngenta, Monsanto and other internationally renowned breeding companies have established high-level breeding information platforms and breeding systems respectively. In addition to breeding in the field, breeding staff will also use advanced data collection equipment, and their breeding database contains detailed pedigree information and kinship. Industrial monopoly of these breeding companies,to a large extent, could be attributed to their processing of a large number of collected data. As a leading phenotypic data management and analysis system, BioBin Breeding Phenotype Data System can easily integrate multi-site breeding phenotypic data for many years, apply multiple statistical methods to conduct in-depth analysis of data, and visually display the results of analysis and comparison, so that users can make the best breeding decisions.

Brief Introduction

BioBin Breeding Phenotype Data System (abbreviated as Phenotype System), based on the process automation and data driven visual design mode, can quickly and efficiently help enterprises complete the information management of breeding data and material selection. At the same time, the system also integrates multiple in-depth analysis tools to help breeders select the best varieties.


  • Efficient data management, easy integration of multi-location variety test data for many years
  • One-click test report generation
  • The in-depth data analysis & Accurate and reliable results
  • Rich presentation dimensions and high-level visulization
  • Standard after-sales service, & Good user-feedback


  • Data visualization
  • Regional adaptability analysis
  • Field heat map
  • Variety test report
  • Advancement Decision & Tracking
  • Trait stability analysis & Trait correlation analysis
  • Raw data correction