At present, most domestic breeders still use paper and pen to record field data, which is time-consuming and inefficient because they have to reorganize the collected data and input data for saving. To tackle these problems, we specifically design E-Cai App tailored for breeders. By using E-Cai App, breeders no longer input and save data after collection in the field, and rapidly aquire summary of field phenotypic data, which largely improves work-efficiency.

Brief Introduction

Bio E-Cai is a mobile data acquisition program, facilitating the collection, view and download of field or laboratory information(data & image) under Bio Cloud. There are three forms including Android APP, IOS APP and WeChat applet.
It is characterized for wide applicability, simple operation, flexible collection mode, convenient multi-person cooperation, and supporting real-time data verification and summary,allowing users to collect, upload and download data at any time, without requiring any PC terminal setting or depending on any breeding system.
E represents electronic, which means that electronic data collection has been realized. Moreover, "E-Cai" is the "easy collecting" harmonics in Chinese, which corresponds to our goal for field data collection, that is, fast, easy and efficient.


  • Wide
    Applicable of various crops
  • Upload
    Real time data upload
  • Fast
    Faster collecting speed
  • Scan
    Field scanning and positioning
  • Simple
    Simple collection operation
  • Share
    One click task sharing
  • Chart
    Charts available at any time
  • Mark
    Water marked pictures
  • Lock
    Data lock against accidental deletion
  • Verification
    Real time data verification


  • Wide applicability: applicable to all kinds of crops
  • Simple operation: fast and convenient collection, powerful collection function
  • Complete functions: advanced design concept, comprehensive system functions
  • Strong extensibility:support multiple platforms and sharing data across platforms