Bioinformatics Analysis


Brief Introduction

Bioinformatics effectively combines biology with mathematics and computers. It mainly uses the methods and tools of mathematics, information science and other fields to obtain, process, store, analyze and interpret biological information, so as to clarify the biological significance of a large number of biological data. The research focus is mainly embodied in genomics and proteomics. BAOYUN has experienced bioinformatics analysis experts who understand various background knowledge of plant genetics and breeding, and can carry out customized analysis according to the purpose and characteristics of research and development.



  • Character mapping and gene cloning (QTL/GWAS/MutMap/bsa)
  • BSA trait mapping, genetic map construction, GWAS and population evolution
  • Genome re sequencing and assembly annotation analysis, and re sequencing variation detection
  • Gene structure/function prediction, protein structure/function prediction, RNA structure/function prediction
  • Functional domains of gene and protein sequences
  • Transcriptome Sequencing (RNAseq) and Expression Profile Analysis
  • Pan genomic analysis, proteome analysis, metabolome analysis